Past Exhibitions

Anna Reich: The grass outside our homes

Anna Reich Veterans 6


November 11, 2017 – February 4, 2018

Anna Reich is Assistant Professor of Photography at Augustana University in Sioux Falls. The exhibition contains selections from two series of documentary photographs she has taken of military personnel. One presents scenes imagined by young soldiers prior to basic training; the second visits retired soldiers many years after their war experiences.

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Crafting Tradition: Oaxacan Wood Carvings

Ramirez Iguana


October 28, 2017 – January 21, 2018

The wood carvings from the Mexican state of Oaxaca in this exhibition are part of a longstanding tradition for creating folk arts and crafts. Mexico in general and Oaxaca specifically have produced varieties of textiles, ceramics, sculptures, and other art forms for many years. Most often, these art forms continue with the skills and designs handed down from generation to generation. However, the tradition of creating wood carvings is relatively young in Oaxaca. Individual artisans in a few small towns began making wood carvings during the mid-20th century. These sculptures did not become widely known or popular until the 1980s.

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Sioux City Camera Club: Rivers

SC Camera Club Randall D Williams Morning on the Yellowstone River


October 7, 2017 – January 7, 2018

The Sioux City Camera Club was founded in 1899. The Camera Club and the Sioux City Art Center have had a close relationship since the first dedicated space for the Art Center opened in 1938. A major part of that relationship is the Camera Club working with the Art Center on frequent exhibitions of work by its members.

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Gray Matters

Gray Matters Jan ZelferRedmond Give No Quarter


August 11 – October 29, 2017

Gray sometimes gets a bad rap: a neutral color without the drama of either black or white. Gray is in the middle, uncommitted to either full darkness or bright light. On those occasions when it does gain a little drama, gray is still a negative. We look forward to the clearing of gray skies and dread the sight of that first gray hair.

The paintings, drawings, prints, and photographs selected for this exhibition show the great artistic range that gray can have. In some cases, gray is the dominant color within the artwork, while in others it provides necessary counterpoints or complements to other colors.


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